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Principals Association of Nepal

Historic Provincial Summit on Exclusive Committees Formation

Kathmandu, Nepal – April 20, 2024: The Principals Association of Nepal (PAN) under the dynamic leadership of President Sudam Prasad Gautam and General Secretary Laxman Shrestha orchestrated a momentous provincial summit today, focusing on the formation of Exclusive Committees across all seven provinces. This landmark event brought together key figures including provincial chiefs, ministers, speakers of provincial governments, and education experts, marking a significant step towards enhancing educational governance and collaboration nationwide.

President Sudam Prasad Gautam, in his opening address, emphasized the crucial role of these Exclusive Committees in aligning provincial educational strategies with national goals. “Our collective vision is to ensure that every province has tailored committees that can address unique challenges while upholding the standards of excellence set by the national education framework,” stated President Gautam.

General Secretary Laxman Shrestha highlighted the strategic importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among provinces. “By forming these Exclusive Committees, we aim to foster a culture of innovation and best practice exchange, ultimately leading to a more resilient and effective education system,” remarked General Secretary Shrestha.

The summit’s agenda included in-depth discussions and strategic planning sessions, where participants outlined the structure, functions, and responsibilities of the Exclusive Committees. Key topics such as curriculum adaptation, teacher recruitment and training, infrastructure development, and leveraging technology for educational advancements were thoroughly examined.

“I am optimistic that the collaborative efforts spearheaded by PAN will result in tangible improvements in educational outcomes across our all provinces,” stated from Province chief Hon. Tilak Pariyar from Karnali province .All provincial committee formed today in all province same time and same day.

The enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment showcased by President Sudam Prasad Gautam, General Secretary Laxman Shrestha, and all participants underscore PAN’s dedication to driving educational excellence and fostering inclusive governance practices in Nepal. With a clear roadmap established during this summit, stakeholders are poised to work synergistically towards a more equitable and impactful educational landscape for the nation’s youth.

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