Principals Association of Nepal

“Educate, Empower, Excel: Principals of Nepal Leading the Way”

Principals Association of Nepal

Nomination Process

Eligibility: Open to PAN members who have made significant contributions to educational leadership.

Nomination Submission: Members are invited to submit nominations for themselves or their peers, providing detailed information on the nominee’s achievements.

Letters of Support: Encouraging colleagues, staff, or community members to submit letters of support for the nominee.

Review Process: A dedicated awards committee conducts a thorough review of all nominations and supporting materials.

Announcement: Winners are announced and celebrated during PAN’s annual recognition event.

Recognition Event

Join us at our annual recognition event to celebrate the achievements of our peers, be inspired by success stories, and strengthen the sense of community within PAN. The event is an opportunity to applaud the dedication and impact of outstanding school principals.

How to Get Involved

Nominate: Submit nominations for yourself or deserving colleagues who embody excellence in educational leadership.

Attend the Recognition Event: Join us in celebrating the winners and networking with fellow educators.

Spread the Word: Encourage your peers to participate in the nomination process and attend the recognition event.

Contact Us

For more information on the awards, nomination process, or the recognition event, please [contact us]. Together, let’s honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of dedicated school principals in Nepal.