Principals Association of Nepal

“Educate, Empower, Excel: Principals of Nepal Leading the Way”

Principals Association of Nepal

PAN Structure

National Level:

National Executive Committee: 77

Comprising elected representatives from each province.

Overseeing PAN’s national initiatives, policies, and strategic direction.

National Programs and Events:

Coordinating national-level programs, conferences, and advocacy initiatives.

Provincial Level (For Each Province):

Provincial Executive Committee:  Coordinator and sub coordinator (12)

Comprising elected representatives from districts within the province.

Implementing PAN’s national policies at the provincial level.

Provincial Programs and Events:

Organizing province-specific workshops, seminars, and events.

Addressing regional educational challenges and opportunities.

District Level (Within Each Province):

District Executive Committee: Per municipality 1 Principal

Comprising elected representatives from municipalities and rural areas within the district.

Facilitating PAN’s initiatives at the district level.

District Programs and Events:

Conducting district-wide workshops, training sessions, and networking events.

Focusing on district-specific educational needs and issues.

Municipality Level (Within Each District):

Municipality Committee: 15

Comprising representatives from individual schools and educational institutions within the municipality.

Implementing PAN’s initiatives at the local level.

Local Programs and Events:

Organizing local workshops, community engagement initiatives, and collaborative projects.

Addressing specific needs and challenges within the municipality.